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DSM Consulting Engineers sign confidentiality agreements

DSM Consulting Engineers keep your secrets

Frequently Perth’s DSM Consulting Engineers are called upon to design, engineer, cnc machine or build parts or machines that are of a secretive nature.
The item maybe:
commercially sensitive;
covered by confidentiality agreements;
subject to government or military restriction.

The thing is, you will never know! Whilst we love to show pictures of the cool things we make, do, experiment on … we work for the best interests of our clients and their clients.


PTFE is a white engineering plastic best known by the brand name Teflon (which is owned by Dupont Co. the company that discovered the compound).
PTFE performs well over a large temperature range. Maintaining strength, toughness and self-lubrication at temperatures down to
−265°C right through to hitting a melting point at +300°C.
At DSM we frequently machine PTFE and specialise in machining parts for a variety of industries including Aerospace, Medical, Subsea & Military.

Are you an SME (Small Medium Enterprise) with a great idea?
DSM Consulting Engineers can help you develop your idea with the help of a WA Govt grant of up to $20,000.

Eligible Activities
•Research and development (eg technical development and compliance testing);
•Product development (eg engineering design work)
•Technology transfer and intellectual property (eg protection of intellectual property, legal advice and licensing); and
•Commercialisation support services (eg innovation management and consulting).

Call DSM let’s get your product to market!

Wear liners and flow liners plugs and capped bolts used in installation

Wear liners and flow liners plugs and capped bolts used in installation

DSM produce a wide range of wear liner and flow liner fittings including weldable fittings, cap bolts & plugs.
Cap Bolts and Plugs are machined from UHMWPE. We have a wide range of stock and can manufacture to your requirement of colour and material. We regularly produce fittings from a range of engineering UHMWPE brands such as Matrox, Polystone Ultra, Polystone 7000, Tivar.
UHMWPE is ideal for material handling, bulk storage flow promotion and wear liners.