Perth, Western Australia. R&D, Design, Automation, Machine Building. CNC Machining Ph. 08 9457 1111
David Miller

Managing Director

David (or DM as we call him) has a knack for solving engineering problems with out-of-the box solutions, passion for clever ideas, and the skills to turn those ideas into real products. He has extensive experience in the medical industry, having completed research and development for a number of successful medical products, including gynaecological laparoscopic fixation device currently on the Australian market. He was also involved in the development of the dTip needles alongside Dr Nigel Morlet, which won the major State of Western Australia grant.


Raynor Bergsma

Mechanical Engineer

Raynor works with our clients to ensure their project ideas and requirements are realised into a finished product. He creates engineering drawings, designs and drafts 3D models, and completes mechanical assembly in turn-key projects. He gets over the hump of the working week by looking forward to Honey Chicken Day at the local lunch bar.


Michael White

Mechatronic Engineer

Michael looks after the electrical side of our machines, as well as the design and drawing aspects of our projects. In his spare time Michael is into robots.


David Staer

Developer/IT Support

Known as D3 around here, he is the guy we call when the internet, software, or phone system is down. He provides IT support to DSM and specialises in the programming aspect of our engineering projects.


Daniel Clements


Daniel came to DSM at the age of 15 as an apprentice machinist. Ten years on, he is now a highly skilled machinist and helps train our apprentices. If you need anything made, Daniel will listen to your specific requirements and make it happen. In his spare time Daniel is into cars and fishing, though not together.


Kylie Thomas

Administration Manager

Without Kylie we literally wouldn’t have admin and wouldn’t manage. Kylie is in charge of our accounts, office management, general orderliness, keeping everyone in line, and everything else that needs doing (toilet roll, anyone?).


Leica McDowall


If you have ever called DSM, you would know Leica’s friendly voice. She’s in charge of making sure quotes and invoices are done and sent to customers, and answers any customer service inquiries. In her spare time she does push-ups and lunges for fun.


Alfinda Herman


Alfinda is in charge of chasing payments (hello, it’s me again), writing nice things about DSM, and sending out our marketing materials.


Our Apprentices

Aaron has been with us for three years and is nearly done with his apprenticeship. He hopes to one day run his own workshop. In his spare time Aaron is into race cars and likes to make things.



Thomas is in his first year of apprenticeship and is learning his way around CNC lathes and welding.